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Last updated: June 20, 2024, at 7:49 a.m. PT

Originally published: June 20, 2024, at 7:49 a.m. PT

Summer Learning Week


By Nichole Lowe, Association Senior Director Youth, Family and Community Programs, and S. Yvette Tolson, Senior Program Director, Education Initiatives 

Since the pandemic, how children learn and stay engaged has quickly evolved. With technology and opportunity at our fingertips, the options for learning are endless. From summer camps to online courses and educational apps, it’s clear there are robust options to keep youth and young adults stimulated during the summer. Parents and children may feel burnt out from a busy school year and long for much-needed downtime. But who says summer learning has to mimic the school year and classroom? Summer learning provides a perfect opportunity to connect what was learned in school to real-life experiences while continuing the learning from the previous year throughout the summer.  

All children benefit from reading one to two books a month regardless of age. Parents can stay engaged by asking children questions about their books or having them complete a small report. Tablet and computer applications, such as IXL and Epic, and online courses like Khan Academy, are great options to boost math and reading skills over the summer. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution to offset the summer slide, considering your particular child’s needs and interests is a critical first step. 

The YMCA is Opening Doors to Summer Learning for All 

Part of the mission of the YMCA is setting all youth up to grow and thrive as they eventually become our future leaders. Fulfilling that mission means addressing the barriers to summer learning, such as accessibility/transportation, food insecurity, and costs. While summer learning can happen all around, the importance of community connection cannot be overstated. This is why all our programs offer financial assistance, and we work hard to provide kids across King County with access to food all summer. Accessibility and transportation remain barriers for many families, and by partnering with community centers around Seattle, we can bring summer learning to areas of Seattle where the YMCA hasn’t been established.  

Explore the Exciting Variety of Activities Offered at the Y: A Hub for Diversity and Fun! 

The YMCA provides programming for youth ages zero to 24. Each program supports various activities, team building, and learning with partners. Summer learning at YMCA of Greater Seattle looks like kids with engaged staff talking with each other, problem-solving, being curious, and having fun! This could be through experimenting with something they learned, practicing skills in archery or their favorite sport, or getting ready for the next year in school.  

While the Y offers day camps, sports camps, swim camps, and overnight camps, summer learning doesn’t stop there. Teens can become part of our Y staff and learn critical leadership skills or join our Social Impact Center programs where they can learn about nutrition education or employment training. When you choose a summer learning program at the Y, you can ensure your child’s curriculum is appropriately designed by our curriculum writers for maximum fun and learning.

Find a Camp Near You 

Every child deserves the chance to experience summer camp and unlock the benefits of summer learning. Financial assistance is available for all of our summer programs. 

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