Climb to New Heights at the Y!

The Y specializes in outdoor rock climbing, team building, and challenge course experiences. Our staff-facilitated programs allow participants to develop skills and relationships in a respectful and supportive learning environment. All of our facilitators are CPR/First Aid certified, and trained to Association of Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) standards. 

Registration for climbing classes opens on the 15th of the month at 6:00 am for the next month of classes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who do I contact with questions?
When does registration open?
  • For open climb, reservations open two days prior.
  • For climbing classes, registration opens monthly on the 15th at 6:00 am for the next month of classes.
Who are the instructors?

Our instructors are ACCT (Association of Challenge Course Technology) trained facilitators with an enthusiasm for safety and customer experience. They are excited to work with groups and ages of all abilities to take you to the next level, or to just help you have some fun climbing outside! Usually there are at least two instructors present for each program.

How challenging are your structures?

As you might guess, the difficulty and challenge varies depending on who you are. But no matter what, every location has a challenge level appropriate for you. Our instructors are skilled in matching the challenge level to fit your needs and comfort.

What do I bring to class?
  • Face coverings
  • Closed-toed shoes
  • Water bottle
  • Comfortable athletic clothing that is appropriate for being outside for the duration of your program. 
  • Any snacks that you may want during your program. 

The Y will provide all necessary safety gear for your program, including your own harness and helmet.   Please do not bring your own safety gear. 

Where and how do I check-in for my climbing class?

Please check in at the front desk of the Y facility before proceeding to the climbing or challenge course area. For the Odyssey Course at Cottage Lake Park and Y Camp Terry, please proceed directly to the program area.   

What are your safety protocols?

There is nothing more important to us than the safety of you, our members, our staff, and our volunteers.

  • Disinfection of personal gear: Items such as harnesses and helmets will be disinfected at the end of each use.
  • Physical distancing: We do our best to maintain 6 feet distance whenever possible, but we cannot guarantee a distance of 6 feet between participants at all times. We do not promote touching or human contact of any kind, but in cases of safety checks and participant assistance, there may be times staff and participants will be closer than 6 feet apart.
  • Face coverings and more: Staff and participants are required to wear face coverings for the duration of the program, regardless of vaccination status. Unless a person has a medical condition, mental health condition, or disability, they are required to wear a mask. Face shields will be available for those who cannot wear face coverings.
  • Hand sanitizer & spray: Ample hand sanitizer will be available for cleaning hands throughout the duration of the program. We will also spray and wipe any high-touch areas with disinfectant.
How many participants are involved in a program?

Group sizes may increase as with time, but for now we are keeping group sizes small. This will allow us to abide by CDC recommendations, as well as maximize social distancing for participants and staff.

  • Auburn (Alpine Tower and Climbing Wall) – 6 participants and 2 instructors.
  • Northshore (Northshore Climbing Tower) – 10 participants and 2 instructors for Outdoor Climbing Reservations. 6 participants and 2 instructors for fee-based classes.
  • Odyssey Course at Cottage Lake Park – Group max size of 50 (broken down into smaller groups of 10).
  • Indoor Climbing Towers (Matt Griffin and Dale Turner Family YMCA) – 6 participants and 2 instructors.
  • YMCA Camp Terry – Group size max of 80 (broken into smaller groups of 10).
What about bathrooms?

All of our locations have access to water and restrooms, if needed, during your program.


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