Fun, Fitness, and Teamwork

Y Swim Team is a developmental program run by trained coaches focusing on improving swimmers' competitive skills and endurance. Swim Team embraces the Y core values of respect, responsibility, caring, and honesty, promotes progression at an individual level, and encourages commitment, self-discipline, sportsmanship,  time management, and leadership.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I prepare to join swim team?

Our swim strokes and aquatics conditioning group swim lessons are ideal ways to enhance your technique and improve your endurance. 

How long is the swim season?

Y swim team has two seasons:

  • Regular Season: September - April
  • Summer Season:  May - August
Do I have to commit to the entire swim season?

Yes, we do require that all swimmers be committed to the entire season.

Who can join swim team?

Any child, ages 8-21 years old, who can swim a lap of front crawl unassisted is eligible for swim team.

What if my child doesn’t know all the strokes?

Many of our first time swim team participants don’t know all the strokes. Our coaches teach the techniques for each stroke throughout the season.

What if I don’t know which practice group to sign up for?

Please contact the Aquatics Lead at your local Y with questions:


Do you have to be a Y member to participate in swim team?

Yes, you must be a Y member to join swim team. The cost for Y membership is separate from swim team fees and swim meet fees.  Financial assistance is available for Y memberships

I cannot afford the full cost of swim team, is financial assistance available?

Yes! The Y is committed to ensuring all families have access to quality and enriching youth programs. If the fee for this program presents a challenge for your family, financial assistance is available.

For Y members, your program scholarship is already attached to your Y account and available upon registration. Learn more about financial assistance here.

How much does swim team cost? 

Monthly swim team fees vary based off your practice group. Swim meets have separate fees and vary based on the hosting group. Swim team participants are also required to be Y members.

What happened to Junior Developmental and Developmental teams?

We recommend that swimmers interested in our non-competitive swim team programs consider our swim strokes or aquatics conditioning group swim lessons.


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