Personalized Wellness Plan (PWP)

Because everyone's path to wellness is different, the Y provides a personalized plan, developed in consultation with a wellness coach, to help you create your own path to health and well-being.

As a benefit of membership, Personalized Wellness Plans include a free annual consultation with qualified Y staff. During the meeting, you will create an individualized plan that will help you identify strengths and opportunities to get the most out of your time at the Y and achieve the goals that motivated you to join. 

Whether you’re new to the Y and establishing just getting started with a physical activity routine or looking to reassess your health goals, a PWP can help identify those focus points and explore how the Y can support you along the way.

Benefits of a PWP

An experienced wellness coach will work directly with you to provide:

  • Individualized support during a 30-minute session
  • Coaching to set manageable and achievable goals 
  • Recommendations for classes, exercises, and/or equipment 
  • Guidance to make the most of your Y membership benefits

To request a PWP appointment, please register at your preferred Y location using the button below.