YESC for Youth Development

A national YMCA program founded in 1989, YESC was started by the YMCA of Greater Seattle. Since its inception, YESC has expanded across the nation, with branches from California to Massachusetts.

YESC is an innovative youth-led program that empowers students to take a hands-on role in creating a healthier environment in their schools, communities and region while nurturing a respect for diversity within the natural world.

Young people in Earth Service Corps are recognized as valuable resources who collaborate with peers, teachers and community members to solve pressing environmental issues in their communities.

This is your moment. Get involved with YESC to experience what it's all about.

About YESC

YMCA Earth Service Corps emerged out of an idea Bill Sieverling, then director of the YMCA of the USA’s International Office in Asia, proposed in the 1989 issue of the YMCA publication, International Notes. He suggested that given the YMCA’s tradition of youth leadership development and concern for the natural world that there was an opportunity to engage youth in a service-based leadership program that addressed growing concerns about the global environment.

Get Involved

YMCA Earth Service Corps is driven by its clubs. Teens meet weekly to take on the environmental issues facing their communities and create projects to address these needs. Club meetings take place before, during or after school. Meetings can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours and are led by youth leaders, YMCA staff and Teacher Advisors.


YMCA Earth Service Corps has been supporting environmental service projects and leadership development for over twenty years. We have the knowledge and experience to help teens, clubs and schools reach new heights, develop youth leaders and create meaningful change in the community. If you're looking to start a club at your school or want to take your club to new heights we can provide the resources to help you reach your goals.

Alumni & Volunteers

Since 1989 young people have grown as leaders and addressed the environmental issues facing our world through participating in the YMCA Earth Service Corps. For many these opportunities instilled a lifelong ethic of stewardship that drives them as educators, engineers, scientists and volunteers. Are you an Alumni? We'd love to hear from you.