YMCA Youth & Government is committed to offering civics education and experiences throughout the school year. All of the state-wide events will be held virtually. We will keep you informed as additional delegation and advisor resources become available. 

In May, students from across the state come together to form a mock legislature of the Washington State Legislature. Students will fill leadership roles across a variety of program areas including: Senate, House, Lobbyists, Press, and Pages. Students will debate with other students from across the state, exposing the students to a variety of viewpoints while discussing solutions to problems facing their own communities.

Youth Legislature Statewide Event Schedule

  • Youth Legislature Leadership Training for Current Delegates: April 14-15 2023
  • Youth Legislature Session: May 3-6, 2023

Bill Templates

Student legislation is submitted via the REGY site. Use the templates below to prepare your bill prior to entering it in REGY.