YMCA Youth & Government is committed to offering civics education and experiences throughout the school year. All of the state-wide events will be held virtually. We will let you know as additional delegation and advisor resources become available. 

In May, students from across the state come together to form a mock legislature of the Washington State Legislature. Students will fill leadership roles across various program areas including Senate, House, Lobbyists, Press, and Pages. Students will debate with other students from across the state, exposing the students to a variety of viewpoints while discussing solutions to problems facing their own communities.

Youth Legislature Statewide Event Schedule

  • Youth Legislature Leadership Training for Current Delegates: April 19-20, 2024
  • Youth Legislature Session: May 8-11, 2024

Bill Templates

Student legislation is submitted via the REGY site. You can use the templates below to prepare your bill before entering it in REGY.

Advisor Resources