Why it Matters to Whiteman Cove

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) report that recommends breaching the berm between Whiteman Cove and Case Inlet is based on a faulty assumption that Whiteman Cove has culverts. However, the historical record references the structures in the cove as tide gates, NOT culverts. This distinction matters because the injunction that the DNR is required to comply with, U.S. v Washington Culvert Sub-proceeding 2013, uses express language explicitly excluding "tide gates" from the definition of "culvert". 

"As used in this injunction, the word “culvert” shall mean any structure, other than a full span bridge or tide gate, that is constructed to convey water beneath a roadway..." ~Section 1, lines 10-11.

Including the Whiteman Cove tide gates on the list of culverts to be repaired pursuant to the Injunction was in error, and the DNR is obligated to remove Whiteman Cove from this list (as other state agencies have done when discovering errors with respect to their lists).

There is no doubt that the tide gates at Whiteman Cove are indeed tide gates, as they regulate the amount of saltwater that flows between the Cove and the Puget Sound.

As a result, Whiteman Cove should not be required to modify it's tide gates in any way as it does not fit the criteria outlined in the Injunction. However, the Y is still supporting the recommendation that the tide gates be upgraded to the proposed fish-friendly solution that we believe is a viable solution for all parties. Our goal is to provide an environmentally friendly solution that both enhances fish passage and provides the continuation of recreational and educational traditions that the Y and surrounding community have valued for decades.


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