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In the first six months of the year, the Y has delivered over 260,000 meals to children, surpassing all of our meal delivery in 2019. In the coming months, we only expect this need to increase. Consider donating previously paid membership dues to help our response.

Donating membership dues is OPTIONAL.

How It Works

  1. Complete the brief form below
  2. The Y will convert 3 months of previously paid membership dues paid during our closure into a donation
  3. Confirmation of your donation will be sent within 60 business days
  4. If applicable, submit to your employer matching program to increase your total gift

Please note, you will not be eligible for Sustaining Member Y Bucks if you donate membership dues.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is donating membership dues required?

No, donating membership dues is optional. Thank you for your consideration.

Can I donate membership dues and get Y Bucks?

Unfortunately, to meet IRS contribution standards, we cannot give you Sustaining Member Y Bucks if you donate your dues.

Why can I only donate 3 months of dues?

From mid-March to mid-June (approximately 3 months), we did not offer member programming at the Y. To meet IRS contribution standards, we cannot offer the option to donate dues during months we offered programming.

Customer Information

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Mailing Address

Mailing Address

Your donation may qualify for an income tax deduction in accordance with Federal and/or State income tax laws. Please consult with your tax advisor to determine whether your donation is tax deductible in whole or in part.