60 Minutes of Play Every Day

Playful movement is one of the keys to a healthy family home. It doesn't matter what you choose to do. As long as your arms and legs are moving, it's good for you. To get 60 minutes of activity throughout your day, just add ten minutes here and fifteen minutes there. It adds up and it all counts, so get playing!

We put together a library of active fun for every age! Try specific sports drills and skills, family fitness games, videos created in partnerships with the Seattle Kraken hockey team, and more!



Community Response

Join the Y’s community response to provide child care for first responders, food support for kids, shelter for at-risk youth, and outreach to seniors.

Healthy Living Room

Regular exercise is one component of a healthy lifestyle. It can also help reduce stress and prevent illness. From barre to yoga, we've got you covered for at-home workouts.

COVID-19 Resources

At the Y, we are here for our community. We've tapped into our network to pull together resources for those who may be experiencing hardship during this time.