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For more than a century the YMCA has created life-changing outdoor experiences for young people and their families. Building on our historic strength, the new Mineral Lake Camp and Outdoor Environmental and Education Center will enable the Y to expand our impact to communities not currently served while developing future generations of youth and families more deeply connected to the great outdoors. This camp will serve young people from throughout the Puget Sound region as well as those living right in Lewis County.

We Need You to Help Realize this Vision

Purchasing 500 acres on the shores of Mineral Lake, near Mt. Rainier, in the fall of 2021, secured the central camp. Then in 2022, we secured the remaining 1,600 acres, committing the full 2,100 acres to Y stewardship.

  • Ensure a natural, forested buffer surrounding the central camp property, and protect the land from logging and future development.
  • Enable expansion of youth leadership development through Y wilderness exploration, develop deeper understanding and appreciation of indigenous cultures, and create environmental education programming for youth of all ages.
  • Allow the Y to expand outdoor programming to youth, families, and school districts not currently well served by the existing resident camp properties.
Phase Project Dates Approximate Cost
Phase 1 Acquire initial land of 500 acres Completed 2021 $14 million
Phase 2 Acquire additional land of 1,600 acres Completed 2022
Phase 3 Launch initial program use Spring/Summer 2023
Master Plan development 2024 - 2025
Phase 4 Infrastructure Investment 2024 - 2032 $36 million
Phase 5 Central Camp Facilities Developed

Invest in the Future of Our Youth and Our Natural Environment

Camp and outdoor education make a difference in the lives of youth and families. Please join us in realizing this significant opportunity that will serve youth, families, and the environment for generations to come.

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