Request to Start, Stop, or Extend a Hold

This form is to help you start, stop, or extend a membership hold.

About Holds

Placing your membership on hold means that we do not charge you full membership dues for a set period of time. This is also often called pausing your membership. Holds are great if you plan to be out of town for an extended period of time, need to take a short break from the Y, or cannot perform physical activity due to a medical condition. If you are on hold, you do not need to pay a join fee or re-apply for financial scholarship when you come back to the Y.

What Does a Hold Cost?

Membership holds are $5 per month. If your hold is for a medical reason, or you are experiencing financial hardship, please let us know in the "Leave a Message" section of the form.

When do Holds Start and End?

Membership holds start and end on your draft date. Draft dates are typically the day you first joined the Y, and are when your payment for membership dues processes every month. For example, if you joined on January 1st, your draft date each month is the 1st.

What Happens if You End a Hold Early?

When you end your hold earlier than your draft date for the month, you’ll pay a pro-rated dues for the remaining days before your next draft date. That way, you can start using the Y again right away and don’t need to wait until your next draft date to regain access.

How Do Holds Work While You're Closed?

We plan to reopen to members in Phase 3 of the Safe Start plan in King County.

If your hold is scheduled to end...

  • Before we reopen to members, we will extend it until our reopening date.

  • In the same month we reopen to members, we will communicate with you via email, direct mail, or phone with our plan to end your hold and welcome you back to the Y.

  • After we reopen to members, your membership will remain on hold until its planned end date. You can end it early at any time.


Before You Fill Out this Request Form

Make sure to read the information above before completing your request. Have the phone number and email address associated with your account ready to use in the form too.

After You Submit Your Request

We’ll contact you within 7-10 business days to confirm next steps. Your request is not complete until we follow-up with a separate confirmation via email or phone call.

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