Celebrating Gender-Inclusive Feminism

According to the Human Rights Campaign, “Feminism must account for all the unique and specific ways women are marginalized. This includes race, gender, sexuality and more. Racism informs transphobia, which then informs sexism and so on and so forth.”

In honor of Women's History Month, our Women/Femme Employee Resource Network (ERN) are redefining how we perceive feminism. We will explore how we can become more gender inclusive, as we continue our journey towards becoming an antiracist organization.

In our work together, the Women/Femme ERN has partnered with their teams across the Y to center leaders and innovators who are tackling big issues like period poverty and swim equity -- and sometimes both at the same time!

Together we will expand our definitions and perceptions of who menstruates, helping us understand how class, gender, gender identity, sexuality, race and ethnicity come together to create period poverty. We will work towards helping those who menstruate learn what products are available when they want to swim or engage in physical activity.

Please join us as we learn together, support and love one another, and work on our collective strength “muscle” together to create a better world for all.

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Five innovators breaking down barriers to swimming.

A special Women's History Month message from our President & CEO

Join us in celebrating the innovators who are relentlessly breaking down barriers to swim equity for all. From building access to swimwear that honors spiritual, cultural, and gender identities to designing swim-friendly period products, to so much more, community is working together to remove barriers to water safety and swim equity for women, girls, and the entire family. Learn more>




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