In Memory of Jim Bricker

Last updated: February 23, 2022, at 2:53 p.m. PT

Originally published: February 23, 2022, at 2:44 p.m. PT

A photo of Jim Bricker

We are sad to report that longtime Youth and Government Board Member, Jim Bricker, died on October 3, 2021 at his home in Tacoma surrounded by family. Jim was a longtime Olympia presence and served in many roles, including Youth and Government delegate, Senate Staff Director, an advisor in Governor Gardner's office, and Director of Government Affairs for PEMCO Insurance. Please read the obituary for a complete picture of Jim's extraordinary life of service and dedication to his community.

Jim served on the Youth and Government Board of Directors for many years where he shared his passion for civic participation with students and educators from all corners of Washington.

Jim participated in Youth Legislature as a teen. His bill in 1952 was an act relating to the valuation of real estate and providing a formula for determining the assessed valuation of real property. 

In recognition of Jim's dedication to young people and civic education, PEMCO Insurance donated $5,000 to Youth and Government.

PEMCO CEO Stan McNaughton shared, "…With great spirit Jim took life head on, always took the high road and brought humanity to everything he touched. He was the public servant we yearn to have more of, a leader you wanted to follow, always our mentor and my friend...He will be missed." 

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