6 Ways to Practice Healthy Living at Home with Kids!

Last updated: November 16, 2018, at 9:52 a.m. PT

Originally published: September 26, 2018, at 7:53 a.m. PT

Meet HEPA: Healthy Eating and Physical Activity. Many of you know that the YMCA has adopted Healthy Eating and Physical Activity standards in our Before and After-School Programs; we call them HEPA for short. These standards help our Y programs teach and practice healthy life practices for your children. What are some of the standards?

  • Each day, your child is offered to participate in an outdoor activity or outdoor child directed play.
  • All Y sites will only serve sugar free beverages. Water is the beverage of choice.
  • We will provide a fruit and/or vegetable each day during meals or snacks.
  • We will offer fun, engaging physical activities each day!

Here are some great ways to incorporate HEPA into your daily life at home this Fall:

1: Apples are in season right now! If you love apples, you have to try them when they are in season. Plus, apple picking at a local orchard is a fun, family outing.

2. Did you know that the YMCA invented basketball? All it took was a little creativity and fun! Go outside and play a game with your kids that they create the rules to. It will be fun and let your kids express themselves in a different way!

3. Squash! Most folks enjoy zucchini and other summer squashes in the warm months, but many winter squashes come into their peak right now!  Test out these fun winter squash recipes.

4. Try this great resource from Let’s Move to create a healthy family calendar! This way you can get the whole family involved in the planning. 

5. Artichokes hit their prime in September and October – and they can be super fun to eat! Here’s an idea to try out with your kids.

6. Take a stroll on a beautiful fall afternoon and admire the changing leaves! Gather as many leaves of different shapes and colors and compile them into an art project.