A Sport for Every Player

For every kid, there’s a way to be active at the Y. For kids who like to make a racket with pickleball or badminton, for kids who want to cheer, and for kids who want to try it all.

Our sports programs focus on fun, learning new skills, working with others, and self-confidence. Successes in these sports are more defined by personal growth than winning or victory over another. The focus is on the reward that comes with improving skills and personal growth, rather than winning.

Badminton racket and shuttlecocks at a YMCA badminton program


Try something new at the Y! Learn basic swings, footwork and the rules of badminton in this monthly youth program. Practice and build skills through fun drills and games. Racquets, nets and shuttlecocks provided.

Stick and hockey ball in the grass

Ball Hockey

Try something new at the Y! Get familiar with the basics of ball hockey as you practice the fundamentals like passing and shooting while learning the rules of the game. This program focuses on inclusion, sportsmanship, and building confidence. Equipment provided.

Girls holding pom-poms at YMCA Cheer Squad

Cheer Squad

Do you have spirit? Join the YMCA Cheer Squad! Boys and girls will learn proper techniques and skill while developing the fitness level needed for cheerleading and having fun. Cheer Squad will build self-confidence and self-esteem while developing social skills and healthy relationships with others.

Football on the turf

Flag Football

Flag football at the Y is a fun and safe way to learn the fundamentals of the sport for all kids! Plus, flag football helps develop coordination, self-confidence and sportsmanship.  

Gaga ball at the YMCA

Gaga Ball

Learn the most popular summer camp game around! Gaga is a kinder and gentler alternative to dodgeball that is played in a pit. It combines dodging, striking, running and jumping in fun, competitive game.

Pickleball paddle and ball at the YMCA


Pickleball is a fun paddle sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and ping pong. In this monthly program, players practice basic skills while learning the rules of the sport. Instructors will focus on inclusion, teamwork, sportsmanship and building confidence. Practices with scrimmages are held once per week.

A soccer ball, basketball, and a football at a YMCA Sports Sampler

Sports Sampler

Sports Sampler is the perfect introduction to team sports! In this monthly program, we will feature a new sport each week teaching the rules and basic skills through a variety of fun drills and games. Instructors will focus on building teamwork, body control and hand-eye coordination.

Alternative sports_youth_tennis image


Tennis is a sport that you can enjoy throughout your life! At the Y, we'll practice the fundamentals of tennis while learning the rules of the game and having fun.