Personal Training

Our Y offers personal, partner, and small group training to help you set and meet your personal fitness goals. Whether you’re just starting out in the gym and want some help, a triathlete needing support training for the big race, or wanting to break out of a fitness plateau, our trainers will guide you on the path that works for you.

How working with a Personal Trainer can help

Our highly educated personal training team provides you with several options for enhancing your exercise. Through our holistic approach, we structure the right kind of workouts, provide encouragement, motivation, accountability, and design a progressive plan to help you achieve your goals.

Goals can include completing a 5K, losing weight, recovery from an accident or surgery, or just getting healthier.

Benefits of personal training

  • Weight management 
  • Incremental goals setting
  • Individualized approach
  • Increase muscle strength
  • Increase endurance and flexibility
  • Motivation
  • Greater energy
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Sport-specific training
  • Rehabilitation transition
  • High intensity training
  • Personal training for seniors 

What we offer

Individualized Personal Training

  • Meet one-on-one with a Personal Trainer
  • Get a personalized plan to stay motivated and reach your fitness and wellness goals
  • 30- or 60-minute sessions

Partner Personal Training

  • Work out with a friend and a Personal Trainer
  • Get a personalized plan catering to your current fitness levels and experience
  • Focus on achieving realistic goals together

Private Group Training

  • Friends or family group training sessions (3-5 people) with a Personal Trainer
  • Receive personalized attention in a fun and supportive environment
  • Workouts are designed to achieve realistic goals, provide motivation and accountability, and improve overall health

About Y Personal Trainers

Like you, Personal Trainers come in a variety of shapes and sizes with different backgrounds and experience.

At the Y, Personal Trainers have at least one thing in common—they have and maintain certification through at least one national health and fitness organization. In addition to national certifications, many trainers have special areas of expertise—like Barre, Kettlebells and Pilates Reformer—that require additional training.