Start, Stop, or Extend a Hold

Membership holds are great option to use if you plan to be out of town for an extended period of time, need to take a short break from the Y, or cannot perform physical activity due to a medical condition.

Interested in stopping your membership hold? When you reactivate your membership, you can use member benefits including member-only rates on programs and classes. See all benefits >


Our Hold Policy

Membership holds are $5 per month. You can request a hold up to two times per calendar year. Read the complete policy >

Use This Form to Start, Stop, or Extend a Hold

After you submit this form, a YMCA staff member will reach out to you within 7-10 business days confirming that your request has been processed. If your next membership charge occurs after you have submitted this form, your payment will be refunded when your request is processed.

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Membership Hold Request

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I authorize the YMCA of Greater Seattle to charge my prorated dues to the membership payment method on record. I acknowledge that my prorated dues are calculated based on the submission date of this request and on the regular membership draft date.