Marketing Solutions Made Easy

We know not all YMCA associations can support an in-house marketing or creative team, and sourcing contractors can be challenging due to the uniqueness of the YMCA brand and budget constraints. So we at the YMCA of Greater Seattle want to help! To that end, we are excited to be able to share our extensive library of marketing campaigns and customizable creative assets for a budget-friendly fee with tiers based on your association size

Put our Expertise to Work for You

As a group of marketing and creative professionals with over 50 years of collective experience working for the YMCA, we want to put our expertise to work for you. This experience has given us unique insights into non-profit marketing best practices and a thorough understanding of the YMCA brand and its audience.

Out of the Box Assets that are User-Friendly and Brand Compliant 

We have summarized many of our most popular assets into user-friendly packages that cover all things YMCA, from membership and hiring initiatives to fundraising drives and program registrations. You can purchase as a campaign, with suggested tactics and recommended plans, or start small with a program-specific template bundle. Artwork is available as Canva templates, Adobe InDesign files, or print-ready PDFs (varies by asset).

See available assets below and check back often as we continually add new options. Don't see what you need? Drop us an email. We may already have what you are looking for!

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Template Bundles are groupings of flyers, posters, and/or social templates targeting specific audiences that staff can easily customize in Canva, a free online graphic design tool. 


Toolkits are typically a set of evergreen creative assets that fulfill a specific operational, environmental, instructional, or awareness need.


Campaigns include a comprehensive set of ​tactics to market programs, membership acquisition and retention efforts, or fundraising events, and include native InDesign files or print-ready PDFs for creative assets. A recommended strategy or plan may also be available, in some cases.

Tier Table

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We are committed to providing these resources to our greater community of YMCA associations across the U.S. at below the cost it would require to create these materials in-house or source from an agency or contractor. To that end, we have based our pricing on a system of tiers determined by association revenue size with the goal of providing access to all Y's, regardless of size and financial resources.



The Legal Stuff

Materials are licensed on a non-exclusive basis as stand-alone, groupings, or comprehensive toolkits which includes a suite of assets for a campaign or project. Deliverables could include native design files, print-ready PDFs, and/or editable PDFs. We do not intend to maintain these assets for customers or provide customer service for Customers but will permit Customers to modify and customize the assets.

Customer will not disclose or otherwise make any Materials available to, or use any Materials for the benefit of, anyone other than the Customer. Customer will not sell, resell, license, or otherwise transfer any Materials.