Big Problems Require Bold Solutions

We have a situation on our hands and the clock is ticking. Every child deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential, but many kids are getting stopped on their way.

Right now, we are seeing which kids have the support they need to grow up happy and healthy and which kids simply don’t. We know that roadblocks like systemic racism, economic inequalities, lack of accessibility, and other barriers pop up that prevent kids from succeeding at home, in school, and in their adult lives. The good news? We know the solution.

This moment is a call to action and how we react now will determine how we and our future generations recover. At the Y, we believe in a future that’s even better where all kids have access to equitable opportunities and a future full of possibilities.

It’s accessible in-person and online school support to make sure kids stay on track. It’s affordable early learning programs and childcare, after school care, and access to meals. It’s connecting kids, teens, and families to caring adults and activities through virtual programs. It’s ongoing mental health care and whole-person health focused on spirit, mind, and body. It’s wraparound care for kids in foster care and housing support to prevent long-term homelessness.

Helping kids takes a lot, but kids and families can find all this support in one place: at the Y. But we need one more thing, we need you to help all kids reach their full potential.

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