For Members: How to Bring a Guest to the Y

Last updated: June 25, 2021, at 1:35 p.m. PT

Originally published: June 25, 2021, at 12:20 p.m. PT

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With Washington state fully open, we are excited to welcome guests back to the Y!

Members receive 12 guest passes each year. Each pass allows you to bring one non-member to the Y, free of charge. They’re great to share when family or friends are visiting, when you’re hosting a playdate, or when you want to try something new and need a friend there for support.

Guest passes roll over every year. Use them now, use them later, whatever works best for you. Learn more about how to use guest passes, including tips for a faster check-in:


Tips for Using a Guest Pass

1) Create an Online Account

Save time and have your guest create an online account prior to their visit. If your guest does not have an account, we’ll ask them to do this step in-person.

  • For Guests Under 18: A parent or guardian must provide contact information in case of emergency. This can be done by creating an account and adding the child or teen as a family member. During account creation, there will be a prompt to add family members, or they can be added afterwards by updating family member contact information.

2) Sign Waivers

During account creation, your guest will be prompted to sign our waiver of liability. Use these instructions to save time by signing it before visiting.

3) Bring the Essentials

Make sure your guest brings a photo ID because it is required for entry. We also recommend bringing a towel and water bottle if needed.

  • For Guests Under 16: A photo ID is optional.


Enjoy Your Visit!

That’s all the prep you need. When you arrive at the Y, let staff know you’re checking in with a guest and we’ll take it from there. Once you’re checked-in, you and your guest can use all areas of the facility provided you stick together.

  • For Guests Under 14: We require anyone under 14 to be accompanied by a Supervising Individual for the duration of their visit. Supervising Individuals can be 14 or older. Learn more about age guidelines >

Due to capacity limitations, priority is given to members for reservation-based activities. Space availability can be checked for a reservation-based activity either by giving us a call or checking at the front desk. Learn more about reservations >

Thanks for sharing our Y community with your guest. We look forward to seeing you soon!


Frequently Asked Questions

How do guest passes work for families?

Guest passes are provided based on membership package, not the number of people on the package. For example, a Family 2 membership receives the same number of guest passes as a Teen package. 

Guest passes are redeemed per guest. For example, if you are bringing two adults and two children as guests, you will redeem four guest passes for their visit.  

Are there any limitations to what a guest can do at the Y? 

At this time, guests are unable to use Kids Club, either for themselves or for a youth they are supervising. Kids Club is a registration-based activity that requires stable cohorts of children and cannot accommodate guests. If your guest would like to use Kids Club, please refer them to join the Y with a Family Membership.  

Members and their guests are required to be together at all times in our facilities. If your guest is 14 and older, and would like to explore the facility individually, please introduce them to a staff person to request a tour. After they’ve received a tour, they’ll get a Try the Y Pass they can use to explore the Y on their own. 

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