Waivers are now online and easy to sign

We require waivers to check into a branch, and to participate in membership, programs, and activities. For anyone under 18, a parent or guardian can complete the waiver.  

Tip: Use a Desktop Computer 

If you’re able, we recommend using a desktop computer to sign waivers because your account will be easier to view and navigate. If you’re using your phone or tablet, you’ll need to take three quick steps in order to see your account options. Once you login, click on the menu in the top left corner of your screen. Find the sentence, “For more information, go to the full site” and click the “full site” link. Lastly, click on the yellow “My Account” button and you’ll be brought to your account options. Thanks for your patience as we upgrade our digital services! 

Sign a waiver for yourself or someone in your family, including youth 

Some waivers, like our Release of Liability, will appear in a Waivers pop-up window when you login to your account. You’ll need to do 3 things before you hit submit: 

  1. Click on the name of the waiver. A new popup will open; review the details and then click ‘OK’ to return to the original popup. 

  1. Click on the “view attachment” link to download a copy of the waiver. 

  1. Enter your initials in the Waivers pop-up. 

How to sign waivers - step 1


Other waivers, like the ones you’ll sign to participate in a registered program like swim lessons, may not appear as a pop-up. Luckily you can see all waivers you need to sign in one place. To see these waivers, login to your account and click on the “Waivers” link under the Account Activity header. 

How to sign waivers - step 2

Waivers are in two categories: Transactional and Obligatory. Transactional waivers are typically specific to a program or membership, where Obligatory waivers tend to have a broader application like our Release of Liability. You can filter between the waiver types by clicking on your options under “Waiver Type”.  

To sign obligatory waivers like the Release of Liability for you and family members, first click on the “Obligatory Waiver” option to the right of Waiver Type. Then, click on the name of the waiver. 

How to sign waivers - step 3

A new page will load with links to the waiver and a list of family members who need to sign it. To sign the waiver for yourself or another person in your family, click on the box to the left of their name. This is how you sign transactional waivers too. 

How to sign waivers - step 4


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