11 Things to Do This Summer

Last updated: July 8, 2018, at 11:32 p.m. PT

Originally published: July 12, 2017, at 11:33 a.m. PT

We live for summers in Seattle. So many hikes, camping trips, walks around Green Lake and bike rides with friends. Whether you’re new or a Seattle native, here are some essentially Seattle activities we think are totally worth the hype, plus a few ways to spend your summer with the Y. 

Here comes the fun!

Hike Mount Si

Definitely believe the hype on this one. This super popular trail that gets hiked by up to 100,000 people each year.

Take it from the Washington Trails Association:

“Gaining 3,100 feet in a little under four miles, it falls in a kind of sweet spot for experienced and novice hikers alike: enough of a test for bragging rights, not so tough as to scare people away. In early spring, climbers getting ready for Rainier come here with weighted packs. Conventional wisdom says if they can reach the end of the trail in under two hours, they’re ready to conquer the state’s tallest peak.”

Visit Twin Peaks filming locations in North Bend

With the Twin Peaks: The Return airing all summer, it’s a great time to be a David Lynch fan. Mount Si is right outside of North Bend where much of the original Twin Peaks series was filmed, so it’s the perfect way to check off two items on this list in one day. Check out this list of locations and where to find them.

Join our hiking group


If you’re interested in organized hikes with a built-in group, our hiking group is a great way to easy and low-stress way to get some hikes on your calendar this summer and meet new friends! Our first excursion will be Wallace Falls on July 9.

Circuit Training (It’s more fun than it sounds!)


Harness your summer energy so you can keep up with all your outdoor trips and activities with our circuit training classes. Circuit training is designed to not be boring. It’s essentially conditioning and isolation movements broken up by short cardio intervals. You never spend too long on each movement or circuit so it keeps things in motion and fun.

Bike the the Burke-Gilman and Sammamish River trails

This gorgeous ride has plenty of great stops along that way and destinations for fun with friends and family. Head to the ropes and obstacle course at Adventura and lunch at McMenamins in Bothell afterward for burgers and beer.

Go to Capitol Hill Block Party

Block Party is no doubt one of the best weekends of the summer. This year the three-day music and arts festival has secured wavy acts such as Diplo, Run the Jewels, Thundercat, Danny Brown and more. We’re already planning our outfits.

Summer Solstice Celebration: 108 Sun Salutations


Bring on the good vibes and celebrate the arrival of summer in true yogi style with 108 Sun Salutations. Light refreshments will be served following the practice.

Host or attend a summer barbecue


When we think about summer, it’s all about the classic cookout. Don’t show up without the Not Hotdog app though.

Go to a Mariners or Sounders game

Attending a sporting event is about sports as much as Friday Night Lights is about sports. Which is to say, not very much at all. Round up a group of friends or coworkers and head to a game after work. What’s better than beers and ball games?

Take swim lessons

Not only is swimming an essential summer activity for most people, it’s also an essential life skill to have. Group swimming lessons were actually invented at the Y, so what better place to learn to swim?

Head to Alki Beach

If you’re craving a bit of Socal life, head to Alki Beach where you’ll encounter a bustling center of rollerbladers, cyclists, joggers, volleyball players, sunbathers and more.

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Photos by Romeo Sanidad