Upgrade or Downgrade Your Membership

At some point in your membership with the Y, you may need to add or remove an individual from your membership. Examples of this look like:

  • Upgrading your membership from a Couple to Family 2
  • Downgrading your membership from Couple to Adult

Use this form to get that process started and our staff will take it from there.

Membership Types and Cost

Memberships costs vary by age and number of people on the membership. We recommend checking membership rates before completing this request.

Upgrading to a Higher-Cost Membership

If you are upgrading to a higher-cost membership, you will be charged a pro-rated dues for the remaining days before your next draft date. That way, you can start using your upgraded membership at the Y right away.

Downgrading to a Lower-Cost Membership

If you are downgrading to a lower-cost membership, the cost difference between your old membership and new membership will be applied to your next membership payment.

After You Submit Your Request

After you complete the form below, a YMCA staff member will reach out to you within 7-10 business days with next steps. We will provide additional information via email or phone call once your request has been processed.

Thank you for reaching out to us and being a part of our Y community!

Customer Information

Please provide the customer information requested below to help us assist you. All fields are required.


Home Branch

Please indicate your current home branch. If you don't know, select "I don't know." Remember, YMCA members have access to all Y locations in Greater Seattle. This field is optional.


Membership Change

Please indicate your current membership type, and the new membership type that you're upgrading or downgrading to. If you're adding/removing a person, please provide their first and last name, date of birth, and gender.