How to manage payments

You can access your account at any time by logging into Once you’ve logged in, you can do things like:

  1. View and pay a balance
  2. Add or remove a payment method
  3. Change a recurring payment
  4. View or save receipts

Remember to always click the save button to submit your changes.

Use a Desktop Computer if Possible

We recommend using a desktop computer if you have access to one because navigation is easier to use. If you're using a phone or tablet, follow these steps first:

  1. Once you login, click on the menu in the top left corner of your screen.
  2. Find the sentence, “For more information, go to the full site” and click the “full site” link.
  3. Lastly, click on the yellow “My Account” button and you’ll be brought to your account options.

Thanks for your patience as we upgrade our digital services! 

View and Pay a Balance

1) Log into your account by visiting

2) Under the Account Payments header, click the 'Pay on Account' link.

Make Payment 1


3) Balances for past due and future amounts will be listed (if applicable). Confirm that the payment amount(s) in the drop-down is accurate and click the Continue button.

Make Payment2


4) A new page will load confirming the payment amounts. Click Continue, Next, and the Check Out buttons to get to the payment page.

5) A new page will load requesting payment information. You can use an existing payment method or add a new one. After selecting your preferred payment method, select the Pay button.

Make Payment 3

6) The screen will refresh confirming the payment. A full receipt is available by clicking the 'View Printable Receipt' link.

Make Payment 5

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Add or remove a payment method

If a card is attached to a recurring payment like membership dues, child care, or martial arts programs, it cannot be removed from the account until you remove it from the recurring payment. Jump to instructions for Change a Recurring Payment Method.

1) Log into your account by visiting

2) Under the Account Activity header, Select the 'Credit Cards' link. A new page will load showing Credit Cards and Electronic Checks saved to your YMCA account.

add payment 1


3) To add a new payment method, select either Credit Card List or Electronic Checks List (depending on the payment method type you would like to add).

4) Select the Add New button.

add payment 2


5) A new page will load requesting your new payment information. Click the Submit button once the information has been entered.

add payment 3

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Change a Recurring Payment Method

Recurring payments are payments that are automatically withdrawn for things like monthly membership payments or child care.

1) Before you can change a recurring payment method, your payment method must be stored in the system. Jump to instructions for how to Add or Remove a Payment Method.

2) Log into your account by visiting

3) Under the Account Payments header, click on the ‘Change Auto-Charge Payments’ link.

change recurring 1


4) Recurring payments will be listed and include a description of the automatic payment plan.

5) Select the 'Edit' link to the left of the payment plan listed. A new screen will load.

change recurring 2


6) Select the credit card or bank account on file that you would like your automatic payment plan to use.

7) After selecting a payment method, click the Submit button.

change recurring 3

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View or save receipts

1) Log into your account by visiting

2) Under the Account Activity header, select the 'Past Receipts' link.

View receipts 1


3) Click on a receipt number to view more detail.

View receipts 2


4) At the top right, select “Printer Friendly Version” link to print or save as a PDF.

View receipts 3

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Need more help?

Let us work with you to figure out the right payment option, including but not limited to setting up a payment plan, changing your payment date, or requesting financial assistance.

Give us a call at 206-382-5022 for help, or reach out to us via this form on our website. Our phones are open from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Monday through Friday and from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday.



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