SCALED Learning™, the Y’s holistic before and after-school curriculum, presents kids with new challenges as they reach each stage of their development. SCALED Learning™ helps kids grow in the classroom and out in the world through engaging in STEM, hands-on arts, literacy, career-connected learning, diversity and global education, social development, and fun!  

Kids who participate in the Y’s before and after-school programs expand the school day through active play with classmates and curriculum that augments what they’re learning in school. Discovering the world is fun and safe with the experts on helping kids grow and learn in spirit, mind, and body.

The Pillars of SCALED 

S is for Stem. Two children pictured smiling at a science experiment.


STEM projects engage kids in science, technology, engineering or math to practice academic skills, critically think and promote investigation, inquiry, and discovery.

C is for Career Connected Learning. Picture of children in front of laptop computers.

Career-Connected Learning (C)

Kids explore career paths through integrated lesson plans and get to know real professionals in industries like engineering, medicine, business, and education though classroom visits.

A is for Arts. Picture of children playing in blue paint.

Arts (A)

Kids engage in hands-on art projects which grow in complexity as they get older. They will explore a variety of art techniques and media as they discover ways to creatively express themselves.

L is for Literacy. Picture of children on the floor reading.

Literacy (L)

Literacy activities engage kids in reading aloud and discussion, creative writing, Reader's Theater, and word games to practice academic skills and promote expression.

E is for Education. Picture of children around a table doing homework.

Education (E)

YMCA programs help students build confidence to become active learners both in and out of the classroom. From homework help to spellings bees and more, the Y helps kids love learning.

D is for Diversity and Global Learning. Picture of children curiously looking at a globe.

Diversity & Global Learning (D)

Kids become good global citizens through cultural events and projects which explore diverse perspectives, ideas, beliefs, and customs.

More Information

To learn more about SCALED Learning™
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please contact: 

Courtney Whitaker
AVP Youth Development
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