What Parent's are Saying About YMCA Camp & Outdoor Leadership Programs

Last updated: July 25, 2020, at 8:29 a.m. PT

Originally published: July 20, 2020, at 10:05 a.m. PT

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Sing-a-longs, s’mores, swimming, obstacle courses and adventure have become a part of a child’s summer memories. But there is much more that happens at camp on a deeper level, it is as much about exploring the outdoors as it is about self-discovery. Through expeditions, arts and crafts, marine science, kayaking, and challenge courses, kids and teens learn and grow on many different levels with the support of well-trained staff dedicated to engaging kids and creating equity in the outdoors.

2019 was another year of countless outdoor experiences with many lessons that impacted campers for life. Here is what campers’ parents had to say: 

“I think the camp shares and teaches important values. My daughter comes back a better person than she was when we dropped her off. She is more caring and thoughtful and helpful.” - Camper Parent

“My daughter came back happier, more balanced, more polite, more aware of herself, more open to new things, and with a greater sense of self. She experienced a place that wasn't at her mom’s house, or her dads house, but a place that was HERS. A place she could have all to herself without the influence of her parents and challenging experiences in her childhood. She was able to be in a place that was separate from all of that.” - Camper Parent

“It's a good experience for kids to be away from home and to be able to participate in so many enriching activities. My son climbed a wall higher than he had ever climbed before while at camp this summer, and he was SO PROUD as he told us all about it.” - Camper Parent

“My daughter was feeling down and in a rut before camp. It totally pulled her out of her shell, she pushed her limits socializing, being independent, and being active all day. She came back from camp feeling like she had turned over a new leaf. She’s been active, motivated and upbeat ever since she got home.” - Camper Parent

“Our children have gained awareness of nature and humanity, ethics and social skills, and mentoring and acceptance from open minded positive thinking people who encourage adventure and creativity in youth leadership and healthy well being development opportunities and togetherness.” - Camper Parent

“It all comes down to our daughter’s personal experience. She had a fantastic time making connections with peers and raves for days about how fun it was. As parents we really appreciated the pre-camp check in from the counselor regarding our daughter’s anxiety and depression. It made us feel as though she would be well taken care of and looked after!” - Camper Parent

“Both of my kids (ages 11 and 13) come back renewed and so happy after camp. This is their second year and they will be back again for sure because they have wonderful memories of the amazing staff and making new friends.” - Camper Parent

Though 2020 looks much different than 2019, we’re still dedicated to providing kids with engaging experiences that encourage them to expand their awareness of their world and the great nearby.  

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