Ways to Stay Connected While Social Distancing

Last updated: May 7, 2020, at 11:51 a.m. PT

Originally published: April 12, 2020, at 7:21 p.m. PT

Watching a concert on an ipad, an example of one way to stay connected while social distancing

You don’t need to be together to stay close with friends, family, and coworkers. Now more than ever there are many ways to stay connected while social distancing or working from home. Here’s a quick list to get your started:

Keep a routine

Before you connect with others, make sure to connect with yourself. Developing a routine is important to bring order and purpose to your day. Try starting your day by writing down one thing you are looking forward to, even if it’s as simple as what you’re having for lunch. Wrap up your day by writing down one thing you’re grateful for.

Schedule a phone or video call

You may already be calling loved ones on the phone or via video chat as a way to stay connected while social distancing. If you’re not, it’s a tried and true way of staying close with others. Here are some ideas to try on your next call:

  • Read a story to your grandchild… or have them read one to you!
  • Read your favorite poem or passage from a book to your friend. Have them share a favorite too.

Put a teddy bear in your window

Have you noticed teddy bears and stuffed animals popping up in your neighbors’ windows? It’s part of a nationwide scavenger hunt inspired by the children’s book "We’re Going on a Bear Hunt" by Michael Rosen. Put a stuffed animal in your window and take a peek outside to see if your neighbors can spot it.

Write a letter

A great way to stay connected is one of the oldest ways of staying connected – writing a letter. You can even order postage to be sent to your house if you’d like to place the letter in the mail. A few ideas of what to write about:

  • Describe a scene from your day. What made it special?
  • What’s your favorite movie? Describe it in detail, including your favorite scenes.

Try something new – like a concert in your living room

Did you know that the Seattle Symphony is broadcasting live concerts you can watch at home? Streaming a concert is a great way to feel connected to a crowd. If you’re looking to connect with nature but aren’t able to spend time outside, try watching the live webcam of cherry blossoms at the University of Washington.


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