New Strength Equipment Coming To Your Bellevue Y!


Strength Room will be closed Friday, June 16th for New Equipment Install & Removal of Old Equipment

We are excited to update our older selectorized strength training equipment (LifeFitness, FreeMotion)! Our existing lines of equipment are getting past the Y’s typical replacement schedule of 10 years.

After considerable review, the Y has selected the Precor Discovery Series for the function, quality of design & construction.

Our new line will include 18 selectorized pieces, replacing all existing exercise options and adding a couple of new choices. Full new equipment list is below. We think you’ll like the upgrades in accessibility, easy to use weight stacks (including 5 lb increments), overall functionality and finish.

The Bellevue Y will be retiring our FitLinxx system as a part of this Strength Equipment update.

We know that some members and the Y have gotten the most out of this software over the past twenty years. Today, individuals have access to more personalized fitness trackers than ever through their own phones and other devices, and the Y cannot support the ongoing integration requirements for new equipment. The Y will work to provide individual Fitlinxx records upon request so users can begin tracking with new tools. Look for more instructions at the Fitlinxx login station after June 9th.

Our Install Date will be Friday, June 16th. To accommodate equipment removal and install, the Strength Room will be closed on this day and we’ll have brief times where we limit direct access to cycling, lower level pool door & men’s locker room entrances to wheel equipment through that level of the building. More detailed information will be posted and shared before the install dates.

Thanks for working with us to complete this significant equipment upgrade. We will also be looking at our Free Weight and other equipment options for future updates.

Questions, concerns or comments? Reach out to Josh Sutton, Bellevue Y Branch Executive at

New Equipment List

Converging Chest Press

Converging Shoulder Press

Diverging Lat Pulldown

Rear Delt / Pec Fly

Diverging Low Row

Seated Dip

Lateral Raise

Triceps Extension

Biceps Curl

Leg Press

Leg Extension

Seated Leg Curl

Glute Extension

Outer Thigh

Inner Thigh


Back Extension

Rotary Torso