Memories to Last a Lifetime for Parent and Child

“Adventure Guides is amazing! My daughter and I have strengthened our child-father bond through the wonderful activities we have done, and the shared memories these have created. Also, both my daughters and I have met new friends because of Adventure Guides that will stay with us forever.”  Mark Roellich, Adventure Guides Expedition Leader

The YMCA has a long history of bringing parents and children together for life enriching experiences. Our action-oriented Adventure Guides program aims to foster the parent-child relationship through activities that allow them to spend quality time together, strengthen their bond and create memorable moments.

Parent-child pairs join a circle with families in their neighborhood or school and usually meet once a month for games, crafts, stories, and other activities. The circles tend to be part of larger Expeditions which offer activities each month such as weekends at Camp Orkila and Camp Colman, pinewood block derbies, sporting events, volunteer opportunities, and more. 

The Adventure Guides season launches each fall with the new school year and continues through spring. To learn more about Adventure Guides and find or establish a circle, contact a program coordinator at a nearby YMCA branch.  

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