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Celebrate your birthday with us by hosting a memorable, fun-filled party at the Y! Just choose a theme and our party hosts will take it from there. The kids will have a blast playing non-stop games and when it is time for treats in the party room, our hosts will keep the fun rolling. Best of all, when the fun’s been had, the mess is ours and your house is intact!

Parties typically include 45 minutes of activity and 45 minutes in the party room for gifts, food and dessert. All celebrations include a party room with tables and chairs, streamers or banners, colored table cloths, a gift-note taking sheet, a YMCA host and a t-shirt for the birthday child. Not all parties are offered at every location. 

Zany Zone

This birthday party offers your kids and their friends a chance to tumble, climb and explore in our play area while being led in games and activities by our super fun host. When they're all played out, it's time for the party room with gifts and dessert.

Jump Around

Most kids have never met an inflatable they didn't like. We're the same! At this birthday party, kids bounce and play the day away before a cool down in the party room with dessert and gifts.

Big Splash

Celebrate your child's birthday with a splash! Kids will have a blast playing water games, testing handstand skills at the bottom of pool or just playing around before enjoying dessert and gifts in the party room.

Game On!

Birthday party sports and games galore! Kids play their sport or gym game of choice under the coaching of our skilled hosts. When players finish their games, they’ll head to the party room for gifts and dessert.

The Great Art Party

This birthday is perfect for creative, hands-on kids! Party goers are given supplies and support to create their own arts and crafts project, all they need to bring is inspiration! All that creativity can make kids hungry, so next it's time for gifts and dessert in the party room.

Super Science

At this birthday party, kids participate in hands-on science experiments with a knowledgeable host to guide exploration and fun learning! Then, it's off to the party room for dessert and gifts.

Kitchen Creations

Who doesn't love food? At this birthday party, kids play in the kitchen and create something delicious of their own. Then, it's time to sample their dishes and open gifts in the party room!

Climb Up!

A perfect birthday celebration for kids that love to climb! This climbing wall party is great for kids of all skill levels. Trained hosts support kids as they learn the basics of rock climbing with a focus on fun! When the climbers are ready for snacks, we'll head back to the party room for dessert and gifts.

Kids playing Gaga ball with smiles

Gaga Ball Galore

Get ready for tons of fast-paced fun in the Gaga Ball pit! Gaga Ball is a super fun, safe form of dodge ball that combines dodging, striking, running, and jumping, all to be the last person standing. At this birthday party, kids play the day away before a cool down in the party room with dessert and gifts.