Financial Scholarship Assistance Day Camp

We're committed to making day camp accessible to everyone.  

The Y is committed to ensuring all families have access to quality and enriching youth programs.

We accept Working Connections Child Care (WCCC), City of Seattle Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP), and other subsidies at most of our Kids on Their Way Camp and Discovery Camp locations.

In addition, the Y provides financial assistance and a sliding fee schedule. Please complete the Affordable for All Day Camp Income Acknowledgment Form below to learn more about financial assistance.

Our staff will be in contact with you within 3-5 business days once the form is received.

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Camper Information

Please provide the name and date of birth of the camper(s). Camper one's information is required. If more than two campers, please provide additional information in the message box at the bottom of this form.

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Income Verification Disclosure

Please provide your initials and date of submission to indicate that you have read the following statement:

I acknowledge that this financial assistance award is valid for up to 12 months and I may be subject to periodic income verification. A change to my situation that might impact my ability to receive financial assistance, i.e. a change in employment or income, I agree to bring this to the attention of the YMCA of Greater Seattle. If my reported income cannot be verified or changes, I acknowledge that my financial assistance will be adjusted.