Membership Hold Policy and Definitions

Learn more about what a membership hold means and how we use it at the Y. If you’re looking to start, stop, or extend a hold, please use this web form to begin your request.


This policy uses the following terms and definitions:

  1. Membership Hold (“Hold”): A temporary period where monthly membership dues are not charged. Note that a $5 service fee is charged per month.
  2. Draft Date: A draft date is the date membership dues are charged to the member’s payment method. Draft dates are typically the day the member first joined the Y.
  3. Web Form: A digital form a member can use to make a request regarding their account. Members can submit this form from home, in a YMCA of Greater Seattle branch, or via assistance from YMCA of Greater Seattle staff over the phone.
  4. Prorated Dues: Prorated dues are a portion of a member’s regular monthly membership cost. Prorated dues are charged when a change is made to a monthly membership cycle. For example, if a member returns from hold 10 days before their next draft date, the member will be charged for those 10 days based on their regular monthly membership cost.

Policy for Membership Holds

Members are allowed to place their YMCA of Greater Seattle membership on hold for up to three months at a time, during which their regular monthly membership dues are paused. Members may request a hold up to two times per calendar year.

Written notice is required to start a membership hold. Members must submit their hold request in writing via web form prior to their next draft date. Their hold request will be completed with 7-10 business days, contingent on the volume of web forms submissions at that time. If a member is charged their membership dues after they have submitted their request, their payment will be refunded when the request is processed.

Membership holds cost $5 per month. If the hold is for a medical reason, or if paying the service fee is a financial hardship, the member may request that the YMCA of Greater Seattle reduce or waive the fee via the “Leave a message” section of the web form.

Membership holds start and end on a member’s draft date. When a membership hold ends, the member resumes paying membership dues. They will not be asked to pay a join fee or re-apply for financial assistance.

Members may request to end their hold early at any time. Members are required to submit their request to end their hold early in writing via web form. When this request is submitted, the member may be charged prorated membership dues. Prorated dues are calculated based on the difference between the date the member requests that their hold end and their next regular draft date.

Members on hold do not qualify for member discounts but can register for programs at the non-member rate.

Special Circumstances

For annual invoice members, the membership will be extended the same amount as the hold length of time. Annual invoice members are required to pay the $5 monthly service fee for as many months as their membership was on hold. If they cancel their membership, service fees will be deducted from any refunds due to the member. See our cancellation policy in full.

If the member has a locker and wishes to keep it until their hold ends, they will be required to pay any monthly locker dues their membership hold. If they do not want to keep their monthly locker rental during their hold, they are required to remove their items prior to their hold start date.

In response to COVID-19 safety protocols, holds for Youth memberships will be automatically extended until age restrictions in our facility are eased.


Last Updated: Wednesday, January 27, 2021.