All Gender Leadership Trips

Gender equality is an important component of the BOLD & GOLD program. Single-gender boys (BOLD) or girls (GOLD) trips allow participants to be themselves while stepping out of their comfort zone. On All Gender expeditions, instructors help you work together with your team in a way that empowers and allows equal space for everyone.

Discover Your Leadership Style

With a maximum of 10 participants paired with 2-3 instructors that include at least one male and one female, your small group will give you the chance to actively lead the team as you take a turn at “Leader of the Day” and try out other leadership positions and styles throughout the trip.

The only thing you’ll be asked to be is your truest self in an inclusive and safe environment where all of our participant’s opinions are valued. After two to three weeks of hiking long days, climbing epic cliffs, and sleeping under the stars, our participants will have the confidence to tackle any challenge, and the enthusiasm to bring others along for the ride!

Preparing For Your Trip:

2024 Trip Guide

BOLD & GOLD offers trips that fit different activity levels, interests, and wilderness experiences.  See what you can expect with our handy trip guide!

Not all trips listed will run.

After Enrolling In Your Trip

Learn about the next steps and get ready for your BOLD & GOLD trip.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A multi-day trip in the wild can seem intimidating. Let us put your mind at ease with answers to some of our most common questions, including planned safety protocols, gear library, and more!