Engaging Care for Kids, Self-Care for Adults

Kids Zone is a unique drop-in care program for ages 6 weeks to 13-years-old that allows adults to focus on pursuing their Whole Person Health goals at the Y, while their kids are engaging in a fun, safe, and caring environment. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long can my child stay?   

Children can stay for up to 120-minutes or two hours per visit. 

What room or space will my child be in?  

Children are divided into groups by age to allow them to engage in age-appropriate activities. Ages for rooms and spaces vary based on time of day and location.  

How many staff will be with my child?

Our staffing plan varies by the age of child. We strive to maintain the following best practices by age:

  • Ages 6 weeks to 1 year: 1 staff per 4 children
  • Ages 1 to 2 years: 1 staff per 7 children
  • Ages 3 to 4 years: 1 staff per 10 children
  • Ages 5 to 8 years: 1 staff per 12 children 
  • Ages 9 and older: 1 staff per 15 children
Do I need to make a reservation?

No. Kids Zone is a flexible, drop-in care program offered on a first come, first served basis to those with a Family 1 or 2 membership.

How do I know there will be space for my child?   

Each location has a maximum capacity based on staff-to-child best practices and occupancy of the space. If you arrive and we are at capacity, we have a lobby area where you can interact with your child until a space becomes available.  


How can I prepare for my child's first visit to Kids Zone?

Some children may feel comfortable immediately in Kids Zone, and other children may need some time to adjust.  Here are some tips for helping your child transition. 

What if my child needs extra support?   

Our goal is for every child to be successful in our programs. This means meeting children at their level and sometimes making adjustments to help them reach their potential. If our ideas do not work for your family, we are happy to team up with you to create a plan that does.  

What happens if my child is upset or crying?   

Our staff make every effort to keep your child happy and content in Kids Zone. In the event that your child is not able to be consoled and has consistent crying for a period of over 10 minutes, we will seek you out, as the parent or guardian and ask for your assistance in soothing the child.

What can or should my child bring?

Please bring the following items: 

  • Socks (may wear or bring with) 
  • Jacket (for the possibility of outdoor play) 
  • Infants and toddlers should also have a change of clothes
  • A non-glass, labelled water bottle

We provide activities for the children and ask that you not bring toys or electronics from home.  All personal belongings including bottles, cups, pacifiers, and other infant items must be labeled. We are not responsible for any lost, stolen, or broken belongings.

Can I send my child with a snack?   

In order to keep our Kids Zone safe for all children, including those with food allergies, food, gum, candy or drinks are not permitted except a non-glass, labelled water bottle.

If your infant will need a bottle, please make sure that the bottle is clearly labeled with your child’s name. 

What do I need to know specifically if bringing an infant?  
  • Infants must be at least six weeks to attend our program 
  • We will locate you in the facility if your infant needs a diaper change 
  • Please label pre-mixed bottles of formula or breast milk and pack in a cooling container as we are unable to refrigerate 
  • Please label car seats, blankets, and comfort items 
  • Children must be removed from their car seats before checking in. As a safety concern, children are not allowed to sleep in their car seat while in our care.
Is there a place to nurse or feed a baby?  

Please feel free to nurse or feed your baby anywhere in the building that is comfortable for you, including our Kids Zone program space.

What happens if my child needs a diaper change?   

We will locate you in the facility if your child needs a diaper change. We encourage you to check-in your child freshly diapered.   

What if my child is sick?  

Following the guidelines below will allow us to maintain everyone’s health and well-being. We appreciate you respecting the health of the other children in Kids Zone by cooperating with us. An ill child will not be admitted and children who become ill may not remain in Kids Zone. For the safety of your child as well as the other children in Kids Zone, you may not bring a child to our program for one business day after having any of the following symptoms:  

  • A fever of 100 of higher 
  • Intestinal disturbance accompanied by diarrhea or vomiting 
  • Any undiagnosed rash 
  • Sore or discharging eyes or ears 
  • Profuse, colored nasal discharge not accompanied with seasonal allergies  
  • A communicable disease
Can a Y staff person babysit my child(ren) outside of the Y?

We are pleased that you feel comfortable and confident in our employees and that you may want them to babysit or transport children after hours; however, it is against the Y's policy without a pre-authorized consent form and a relationship that was established outside of the Y. Please don’t ask our staff to break this rule as it could be grounds for termination. 

Can I use Kids Zone if I am on a guest pass? 

Depending on the type of guess pass, Kids Zone may or may not be included. 

  • Try the Y Pass – Kids Zone access is included  
  • Family Daily Pass– Kids Zone access is included
  • Youth Daily Pass – Kids Zone access is not included 
  • Guest Pass with a member – Kids Zone access is not included. A guest pass for Kids Zone of $5 per child per visit may be purchased at the front desk. 
  • Nationwide Membership – Kids Zone access is not included. A guest pass for Kids Zone of $5 per child per visit may be purchased at the front desk. 

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