Climb to New Heights

Celebrate a special occasion or take your team to new heights with a climbing tower rental or challenge course program. All of our climbing towers are available to rent, or you can customize a challenge course program at our Odyssey Course in Woodinville, the Alpine Tower in Auburn, or low-challenge course at YMCA Camp Terry.  We can even come to you with portable ground-based team-building programs! 

Indoor Climb & Challenge Season: Year-Round
Outdoor Climb & Challenge Season: April 1 - October 31

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This is a ground-based teambuilding program that can be portable. 2-4 hours in length. No group min or max. Ages 5+.
Major focus high ropes course elements, with additional options for ground-based teambuilding or low challenge course. 3-6 hours. Ages 10+
2-hour rental of one our climbing towers within King County. 15 participants max. Ages 5+.
Low challenge course program at YMCA Camp Terry in Issaquah, WA. 3hr program. Ages 8+.

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Leadership Development
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