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We are committed to helping you achieve your health goals at the Y.

The Y’s weight loss approach is smart, effective, and sustainable. No gimmicks, restrictive approaches, or quick fixes – just encouragement, a supportive community, and the tools you need to reach your goals. We’ll help you tailor a path for your unique needs that leads to ongoing success.

The Lose to Win program helps you achieve your desired weight loss permanently by establishing accountability, planning, and problem-solving measures all while receiving group and coach support. Best of all, it's free for Y members.


Lose to Win is a 12-week program where participants meet virtually for 60 minutes each week. The program is free for Y Facility Members or $250 for Community Members.

Upcoming Programs

Registration opens 30 days before start. 

"This new live virtual format is perfect! I am able to maintain my fitness goals at home in real time; the format is easy to use; and our instructor creates a congenial, organized setting, comfortable for everyone. I had wanted an excuse to try a virtual class and this one has encouraged me to do even more!" - Lose to Win participant

Lose to Win Journal laying on table next to coffee cup, pen, etc.

Lose to Win Journal

Take your Lose to Win commitment to the next level with our companion Creating Lasting Change participant journal. This spiral bound, high-quality journal is available for $30 and can be purchased during the registration process. Help track your journey to your best self and support this smart, sustainable, and effective approach to weight loss! 

What to Expect

Set For Success

For 12 weeks, your coach will lead a one-hour group session that covers common obstacles of successful, sustained weight-loss, fitness planning, and nutrition information. You'll get the tools and support you need to reach your health and wellness goals. 

This program provides helpful strategies to incorporate nutrition and physical activity into your lifestyle, while also addressing motivation, obstacles, and pitfalls that make losing weight and keeping it off such a challenge. The benefits of participating in Lose to Win long outlast the program.

"The Lose to Win program is a positive environment that can give you the tools you need to get through struggles that make you want to quit." - Lose to Win participant

We're In This Together

You are not in this alone. You’ll be joined by a small group of others just like you, who will support and motivate you to reach your goals, encourage you through challenges, and celebrate successes along the way! Making change can be hard to do alone. Groups provide accountability and support. Build awareness about what works for you while in a supportive community.

“Meeting weekly with incredibly supportive, like-minded people helped me achieve my goal and learn a lot about myself. Once I started seeing results, it was easy to stick with.” - Lose to Win participant

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