Smart. Effective. Sustainable.

We are committed to helping you achieve your goals at the YMCA of Greater Seattle.

The Y’s weight loss approach is smart, effective and sustainable. No gimmicks, restrictive approaches or quick fixes – just encouragement, a supportive community and the tools you need to reach your goals. We’ll help you tailor a path for your unique needs that leads to ongoing success. The Lose to Win program helps you achieve your desired weight loss permanently by establishing accountability, planning, and problem solving measures all while receiving group and coach support.

Upcoming Virtual Programs

Just because you're staying home doesn't mean you can't work towards your weight loss goals. Participants meet virtually for 60 minutes, once a week, for 12 weeks.  

  • Monday at 9:00am | Begins January 4 | Registration opens soon!

  • Thursday at 1:00pm | Begins January 21 | Registration opens soon!

  • Wednesday at 5:30pm | Begins February 3 | Registration opens soon!

  • Friday at 11:00am | Begins February 12 | Registration opens soon!

  • Tuesday at 7:00pm | Begins February 16 | Registration opens soon!

  • Monday at 10:00am | Begins February 22 | Registration opens soon!


"I had the opportunity to figure out what worked best for me."

How Lose To Win Can Help You

  • Lose weight

  • Change your nutrition

  • Increase energy

  • Become more active

  • Feel better

Set For Success

The benefits of participating in Lose to Win long outlast the program. You’ll get connected to other supportive resources along your journey that will help you make the most out of your membership.

The Lose to Win program is a positive environment that can give you the tools you need to get through struggles that make you want to quit. - Lose to Win Participant

Lose to Win takes a holistic approach to health and weight management. In the program, you’ll gain awareness about your unique nutrition and fitness needs. For 12 weeks, your coach will lead a group one-hour session that covers common obstacles of successful, sustained weight-loss, fitness planning, and nutrition information.

We're In This Together

You are not in this alone. You’ll be joined by a small group of others just like you, who will support and motivate you to reach your goals, encourage you through challenges, and celebrate successes along the way! Making change can be hard to do alone. Groups provide accountability and support. Build awareness about what works for you while in a supportive community.

This program provides helpful strategies to incorporate nutrition and physical activity into your lifestyle, while also addressing motivation, obstacles, and pitfalls that make losing weight and keeping it off such a challenge.

For more information, use the contact form below or visit your branch. We look forward to speaking with you about Weight Loss or another evidence-based program that may fit your health needs.

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