2021 Spring Impact Newsletter

Dear Y Family, 

Spring is a time to begin anew. As nature is in full bloom, I am reminded of where we stood just one year ago at this time. Caught in the chaos of the early pandemic, we hit the ground running to meet our region's growing needs, all while transitioning our wellness programs to the virtual space. 

The events we celebrate this spring show us clearly how far we’ve come, and how much we can accomplish together with hard work. In this newsletter you’ll find a community conversation about defining and creating programs for health equity through Whole Person Health. This conversation is revelatory and important in understanding vital community partnerships and helping kids and families to reach their full potential. 

You’ll also find inspiring storytelling from the Y Social Impact Center event, The Art of Resiliency, how we showed up for kids and parents on Healthy Kids Day and how donors like you made a difference through this year’s Annual Fund Drive. 

The work we do simply wouldn’t be possible without your commitment to our community. It is only when we understand our work as vital for our collective wellbeing that we can make the most impact. Thank you for supporting your Y.

Loria Yeadon
President & CEO of the YMCA of Greater Seattle



Upcoming Events

September 29, 2021

The A.K. Guy Award is presented annually to individuals, couples, or families who exemplify the ideals of the late Mr. Guy through their outstanding volunteer service and dedication to social responsibility. We are pleased to announce, that after a six year hiatus, this prestigious event will return in 2021. Please save the date of September 29, 2021. More details on the event and this year’s honoree to follow. 



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