Getting Clear About Foster Care

At the Y, we know that the decision to become a foster parent is a big one. As a future foster parent, there's a lot to know. Here are some frequently asked questions about fostering with the Y.

Do I need to become a full-time foster parent right off the bat?

No, in fact, we start all foster parents off as short-term respite parents to give you a taste of what it's like and if it's for you. There are ways to foster that fit almost all lifestyles: traditional foster parents, respite providers, therapeutic foster care, crisis-stabilization care, specialized care for victims of sex trafficking and in-home respite care (kind of like a specially trained babysitter).

Would I make a good foster parent?

If you have the passion and patience for helping kids and families heal and grow, you're off to a great start.

To find out if you're qualified to be a Y licensed foster parent, contact us today.

Why is fostering with the Y better than with other agencies?

The Y has been licensing foster care for over 30 years. In those years we've learned a lot about how to best support our foster parents and kids. We offer 24/7 support by somebody that is familiar with your family, generous respite care, compensation commensurate with the work it takes to parent, consistent training, and community for expert support, plus a FREE YMCA Family Membership.

Does it cost money to get licensed?

Unlike other agencies, the Y doesn't charge anything for the licensing process or home visits.

How long does it take from when I begin the licensing process to when I get my first placement?

This is another Y-only offering. The Y licensing process works at your pace, so it can take anywhere from three to six months depending on how quickly you are ready to advance the process.

This also means that foster parents that are interested in switching to the Y from another licensing agency can move through our process more quickly.