Black History Month Community Resources

Teaching Black History Month in Schools

Lesson Plans and Curriculum Resources for Educators

The Underrepresentation and Miseducation of Black Stories, Experiences, and Histories in Schools

Afro-Latinos Representation in School Curriculum

Centering Black Women and Black Girls in Our Schools

Centering Black LGBTQ Experiences

Engage My Family in Black History Month

Swim Equity In The Black Community

Black Local Spaces For Community, Connection And Healing

Mental Health Resources

A comprehensive guide to employee and community resources for mental health can be found in the King County Mental Health Resource Guide. Additional resources for Black mental health support can be found here.

Support Black Owned Businesses And Communities



Diversity & Inclusion

The Y is a place where people of all backgrounds, faiths and other dimensions of diversity can come together, strengthen community together, and gain a greater appreciation for one another. 

Unleashing Potential for All

Catch up on our series of equity and justice in athletics from non-traditional sports, to the Olympics, to young athlete leaders in our community.

Equity and Justice Community Fund

This community fund is the engine that drives innovation, learning, and action in creating equitable and just communities that thrive.