Dave Affolter - Executive Director

Going into his 21st year at Orkila - 7 years as a camper and 14 years on staff - Dave loves and lives Orkila!  You might catch him saying "hello" to the LDI campers on President Channel, cooking food with the elves in the Enchanted Forest, or singing The Jellyfish Song at line-up.  Dave loves smiles, laughing, high fives and hearing what’s going on with you!

Joe Andrews, Summer Program Director

Joe started going to Camp Orkila when he was 9 years old. Now he’s going in to his 18th summer at Orkila and still loves everything about camp! Joe loves playing music at campfires, jumping of the dock (with a PFD of course), and going for a long run through camp. He also thinks that sunsets as viewed from Orkila are one of the most beautiful sights in the world.

Haley Cruz Winchell, Senior Director of Education and Family Programs

Haley started her Orkila career as an Outdoor Environmental Educator in the spring of 2012. She flew in from Wisconsin for what was meant to be a short stay in the PNW, however, she fell in love with the Orkila spirit and never left! Now you'll find her at camp playing games, singing songs, laughing a laugh and ensuring a rockin' experience for visiting campers AND adults. Haley loves to play; no matter the activity, she just loves to play. "I often think how wonderful a job teaching OEE is because I get to combine teaching kids and playing outside!"


Katie O'Rourke, Conference & Retreat Director

Katie came to Orkila to teach one season of Outdoor Environmental Education in the Spring of 2009.  Like many, she fell in love with Orkila and Orcas Island and never left.  In her free time Katie likes to throw the ball for Zip the Dog and take him on beach walks!