What will you find at the YMCA in 2024 and beyond?

Last updated: January 2, 2024, at 1:34 p.m. PT

Originally published: January 2, 2024, at 9:34 a.m. PT

"Happy New Year! What will YOU find in 2024. Loria Yeadon, President & CEO, December 31, 2023" on a graphic with a polaroid of Loria holding a sign that says "I Found Community Caring for Community at the Y"

Over the last 147 years, our community has found so much at the Y. Over my 25-year journey with the Y as a member and now as CEO, I have consistently found a community that cares for community, no matter what. I have also found a community of staff, volunteers, and members who are committed to building a welcoming place of belonging and support for all – all races, ethnicities, gender identities, religions, backgrounds, and places of origin – especially our youth and those who need us most.  

What have you found at the Y, and what will you find and bring in 2024?

We cannot wait to see what you find and what you bring to your Y this year. In 2024, we are dreaming big – all for a better us. Our commitment to transformative change for everyone has guided our goals for the year.  

Creating Excellent Member Experience Focused on You –
Your Family and Your Health Journey

Starting with our members, we are on the cusp of introducing a new customer relationship management system, which will lay the foundation for enhanced service both online and in person. We want our technology to help our members, like you, focus on what matters most: your health journey. Membership enhancements will also include expanding member goal-setting initiatives to support your health objectives. Get ready to kickstart your wellness journey with our brand-new 8 Weeks to Wellness online program (coming soon), designed exclusively for Y members. Stay in the loop effortlessly with improved member communication through YMCA360 mobile app alerts, keeping you informed every step of the way. Additionally, we're broadening health insurance membership options for King County residents through an exciting new partnership with FitOn Health that will complement an existing partnership with Premera Blue Cross Medicare Advantage. 

Planning for Community Growth and Sustainability

Our focus on philanthropy also propels us toward new horizons. We're fortifying our foundation for the future, embodying the spirit of giving that defines us. Our initiatives signify our unwavering commitment to enriching lives and opening new pathways of opportunity for our community. Thanks to our philanthropy efforts last year (and the contributions you will make in the future), we have a lot to look forward to in 2024 and beyond at YMCA Camp Kilworth, YMCA Camp Orkila, and Mineral Lake

Join us in celebrating the opening of Camp Kilworth, a haven for youth and their endless exploration and unforgettable experiences. At Camp Orkila, we will begin the project phase of building out our universal and ADA-accessible bathroom building, ensuring comfort and convenience for all our campers. We're also thrilled to start building the Robinson Family Pond Classroom at Camp Orkila, an immersive space fostering learning and discovery in nature. On top of these new adventures, we look forward to reenergizing our efforts for our new Mineral Lake camp, drawing closer to the much-anticipated project phase, and welcoming our second year of outdoor leadership programming. The best part? We will be welcoming youth from all walks of life to Mineral Lake for the second summer in a row for new experiences and adventures in the great outdoors. Get ready to embark on a journey of growth, learning, and joyous memories at YMCA camps in 2024! Visit here to register today.  

Investing in Youth and Families

The vision to nurture youth development and educational endeavors steers us toward a brighter tomorrow. Initiatives aimed at embedding educational kindergarten-readiness programming across our Y locations help us ensure that every young member of our community has access to quality education and growth opportunities. We will also be opening a new Early Education Center in Eastgate (the fourth early education center we have opened in the last two years!) 

We are committed to serving our community wherever our programs are delivered, including through the efforts led by our Y Social Impact Center team. We're thrilled to announce we have secured funding for our Roy Street building, ensuring vital resources continue to reach youth experiencing homelessness. We continue to expand social services across our region. We’re dedicated to growing vital services to Medicaid subscribers and offering Wraparound with Intensive Services (WISe), outpatient behavioral health, and housing and employment services, magnifying our impact and support for individuals and families. We are also working diligently to support our foster families and youth by increasing case rates and bolstering our ability to provide comprehensive care. All these efforts are dedicated to optimizing resources for maximum community benefit. 

New and Signature Events

Every year, we connect in community through meaningful events – and we’re making an addition to our events calendar in 2024. We’re excited to announce a staff appreciation day led by our incredible volunteer community. It's a time to honor the dedicated individuals who make our YMCA a beacon of support and care and a great place for a purposeful career. Interested in giving back to our staff or joining our incredible team? Email us at pr@seattleymca.org to learn how to get involved. Or visit our website for job opportunities.

We also hope to see you all at this year’s annual signature events. Mark your calendars for Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service on January 15, family favorite – Healthy Kids Day on April 20, Welcoming Week from September 13-22, and our signature event, Changemakers, on September 25.



We have found purpose and motivation in our priorities and serving you this coming year. With the support and engagement of our community, we feel confident in achieving our goals. We look forward to hearing from you throughout the year and learning what you find and what you bring for others at your Y.   

In community & gratitude, 

Loria Yeadon  

President & CEO  

YMCA of Greater Seattle 


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