An Unforgettable Holiday in the Hangar

Last updated: December 24, 2018, at 5:54 p.m. PT

Originally published: December 21, 2018, at 2:28 p.m. PT

It is truly magical when people from all walks of life can come together to spread joy. This December, the Y had that opportunity. We partnered with Delta Air Lines to create a day that 95 second graders in our Washington Elementary School programs would never forget. To honor that day and the spirit of giving, please enjoy our poem. All photos are thanks to Delta Air Lines.


Holiday in the Hangar

With school in session,
The morning starts as any other.
We get our backpacks on,
Say goodbye to our mothers.


But upon arriving to school,
We get on a new bus,
All of us second graders,
Don’t make a fuss.


We arrive at the airport,
This is all new!
“I’ve never been on a plane,
What about you?”



At the ticketing counter,
What do our boarding passes say?
We’re heading to the North Pole,
And we might see Santa’s sleigh!


First stop is airport security,
We get in our lines,
The scanners are gift-wrapped,
“No elf shoes,” read the signs.



Marching to Gate A13,
Nutcrackers all around,
A group of carolers,
Making many joyous sounds.


The plane is ready,
We leave our gate,
High-fives from Seagals,
“Isn’t this great?”





The airplane cabin,
Is filled with décor,
Garland, ornaments,
And so much more!


Delta flight attendants,
Wave their flashing red lights,
They sing us jolly songs,
As we prepare for flight.




We’re told that Santa’s reindeer,
Helped the pilots find their way,
As if our airplane,
Was their very own sleigh.


Now reindeer – go high,
Dash away all,
“We’re flying, we’re flying!”
A young girl calls.



After in-flight meals were served,
We’re told it’s time to land,
The plane touches down,
What else could be planned?


The airplane cabin doors open,
And what do we see?
A winter wonderland,
How lucky are we?


Sounders soccer players,
Make our smiles beam,
So does the magician,
And the ice-cream.





Oh wow, look there! It’s Santa himself,
He’s got presents galore,
And plenty of elves.


We hear a loud, “HO HO HO!”
As our eyes alight,
He waves us over,
What a merry sight.


We sit on his lap,
Tell him our names,
He knows of our letters,
Requesting for games.


Mrs. Clause hands us a gift,
Wrapped so nicely with bows,
“It’s perfect, it’s perfect!
I wanted one of those.”




We start to dance,
Because we’re having so much fun,
But we have to leave soon,
Before the day is done.



We all wave goodbye,
To this magical place,
Filled with wonderful memories,
That transcends time and space.


How thankful we are,
For Delta and the YMCA,
Making a difference,
In our lives every single day.




Happy holidays, everyone! Thank you again to everyone who made this event possible. 


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