Tina Turner - She Endured and Believed Tomorrow Would Be Better

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"My legacy is I stayed on course from the beginning to the end because I believed in something inside of me that told me that 'it can get better or you can make something better, and that I want it better.' So, my legacy is a person that strived for wanting it better and got it."

– Tina Turner  

Tina Turner

Dear Y Friends and Family,  

When I was a kid and first saw Tina Turner perform, I was wowed by her energy, confidence, bigger-than-life performance, and signature voice. As an adult, my admiration and appreciation of Tina were magnified once I understood the domestic violence and mental and physical abuse she endured. In defiance of life's traumatic circumstances, she clung to her belief that she deserved better and lived life expecting and reaching for better. Her song, "I Don't Wanna Fight," is one of my favorites as it inspires us all to choose to move beyond our pain, hurt, and blame—let go and choose better.  

She led an extraordinary life, and her remarkable achievements have been an inspiration to millions around the world. Tina was an iconic figure and a true legend.  

She left an indelible mark on the world of music and beyond. As we reflect on her incredible story, let us also recognize the profound connection between Tina's life and the vision we hold dear at the YMCA of Greater Seattle.  

At the YMCA, we envision a future that transcends barriers, advances equity and justice for all, and embraces the concept of Whole Person Health. We strive to create a community where every individual feels a sense of belonging, where diversity is celebrated, and where everyone's unique contributions are recognized and valued.  

Tina Turner's life story epitomizes the principles we hold dear. Born into humble beginnings, she faced numerous challenges but never allowed those obstacles to define her. With unwavering determination and unparalleled talent, Tina shattered glass ceilings and blazed trails for women in the music industry. Her endurance, resilience, and spirit of perseverance remind us that we can overcome adversity, take charge of our destiny, and make a lasting impact, regardless of our circumstances. Tina was a victim of unthinkable abuse, but she knew her worth, held on to her values, and never gave up on her potential. She showed us how to forgive and believe that tomorrow will be better.  

Beyond her music, Tina Turner's journey is also a testament to the power of self-discovery and finding one's authentic self. She embraced her true identity, inspiring countless individuals to embrace their own uniqueness. In doing so, she embodied the essence of creating a welcoming community of belonging, where everyone is accepted and celebrated for who they are.  

Tina's commitment to using her platform for positive change is another reflection of the YMCA's vision. She used her influence throughout her career to advocate for important causes, including human rights, equality, and social justice. Her voice became a powerful tool to amplify the voices of the marginalized and to bring attention to issues that demanded our collective action. In this pursuit, Tina's life work epitomized the YMCA's commitment to advancing equity and justice for all, ensuring no one is left behind.  

As we honor and celebrate Tina Turner, let her life inspire us to live out the YMCA's Vision 2025 and never stop reaching our full potential. Let us remember that each of us has the power to make a difference (for ourselves and each other) and create a community where everyone feels valued, affirmed, and included. By embracing Whole Person Health, fostering an environment of belonging, and advocating for equity and justice, we can continue to build a brighter future for all.  

Let us carry Tina Turner's light and legacy and reach for the better as we work tirelessly to break down barriers, uplift one another, and transform lives. May her story be a constant reminder that better is possible, and together, we can make positive change and build a world where everyone thrives.  

In community & gratitude,  

Loria Yeadon 

President & CEO, YMCA of Greater Seattle



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