Sunset Slow Down Yoga Workout

Last updated: July 6, 2020, at 2:32 p.m. PT

Originally published: May 26, 2020, at 8:52 a.m. PT

Green people icons showing the workout of the day.

Try this WOD (workout of the day)! Before starting any exercises, remember to warm up, stretch, and drink plenty of water.

Remain in each posture for 10-12 breaths, and repeat any if necessary.

•    Easy seat
•    Child's pose
•    Downward dog
•    Reclined twist, right and left
•    Child's pose
•    Pigeon pose, right and left (modify on back)
•    Seated spinal twist, right and left
•    Happy baby or knees into chest
•    Legs up the wall (use a pillow or towel to support the lower back)
•    Savasana

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