Reimagine your Routine: Try Fitness with Friends

Reimagine your Routine: Try Fitness with Friends

Last updated: August 21, 2017, at 12:54 a.m. PT

Originally published: November 16, 2016, at 2:02 p.m. PT


We can’t argue that having friends along makes activities more fun. And that also includes fitness. A recent study found that people with workout buddies are less likely to skip the gym.

Self-motivation is a universal struggle that sometimes leads to ditching a solo run, yet gets you to spin class when going with a friend.  A study by the University of Aberdeen found that, unsurprisingly, having an exercise buddy may just be the key to getting off the couch – and pushing ourselves harder during workouts.

For the study, researchers paired one group of participants up with a new gym buddy, while another group continued on with their normal exercise routines.  No surprise, the group with exercise partners worked out more than those who did their own thing. They also discovered that people worked out more when their exercise buddy offered emotional support and encouragement, rather than just practical support, such as never missing a session.

So remember, fitness with friends is a great way to maintain a regular exercise schedule and support network.  Up the fun factor with group exercise classes you haven’t tried before.

Try these tips to get the most out of your routine and get you and your workout buddy moving:

  1. Commit to a Specific Schedule When you fail to plan you plan to fail. Don’t try to haphazardly fit your workouts into your schedule without any rhyme or reason.
  2. Utilize the Weekend Take advantage of the fact that it only takes 3-5 days per week to put together an effective, results-producing workout. One trick to help you pull it all off is to work out on the weekends.
  3. Make Workouts a Priority One of the biggest mistakes that people make is allowing gym time to be bumped off of their schedule to easily.
  4. Don’t Beat Yourself Up No matter who you are, there will be times when you just aren’t able to maintain  as regular a routine as you’d like due to outside demands. Don’t be too tough on yourself.
  5. Strength Train The most time-efficient way to better fitness. You’ve probably come across articles telling you how great strength-training is, and  believe them because it’s true. If you’re looking for a really quick, easy and efficient way to better exercise, this is it.

So grab a friend and jump into fitness!