More Than Just a Week of Adventure

Last updated: May 31, 2018, at 9:59 a.m. PT

Originally published: May 29, 2018, at 1:42 p.m. PT

When it comes to summer, there’s few that offer the variety of summer camp options quite like the Y does. With options ranging from day camp to overnight camp and all the way up to BOLD & GOLD, many of Seattle’s youth grow up with the Y. But did you know that within these outdoor programs, there’s additional levels of leadership progression? BOLD & GOLD is no exception!

Every summer, BOLD & GOLD engages youth from a variety of backgrounds. Some might have grown up trekking throughout the Pacific Northwest while many are brand new to the experience. However both of these groups will benefit from beginning on our Explorer and Adventurer levels. Those who are complete beginners will learn the basics of camping in addition to formalized training on Outdoor Living Skills and Leave No Trace – skills that benefit everyone.

If you’ve already experienced one of these expeditions, it may be time to advance to a Challenger or Voyager trip. The most noticeable difference in these level advancements will be the opportunity to take your previous experience on 1-week trips to the next level with 2 or 3-week adventures. As you progress to these levels, you’ll also have the chance to explore exclusive sites ranging from the Olympic Coast to British Columbia.

Now that a participant has fully grasped the basics of not only surviving, but thriving on an outdoor expedition, BOLD & GOLD’s Levels of Leadership will begin to push the envelope in terms of not only your outdoor development, but your capacity for leadership as well. On the Trailblazer level, the sky is the limit as you choose between summiting Mt. Baker, exploring the Olympic Peninsula, or even gaining up to 40 hours of community service hours.

Lastly, BOLD & GOLD offers the final Level of Leadership in its Leader in Training program. An excellent experience for a teen’s resume, college application, and leadership development, an LIT will spend their trip learning mentorship and group management as they assist BOLD & GOLD instructors on their expeditions. They’ll learn the technical skills required to lead a group through an expedition while also getting to collaborate with the leadership team on a backpacking or rock climbing trip. After participating in our introductory and intermediate expeditions, LIT offers the wonderful opportunity to share what they’ve gained with other young people.

Whether this will be your first summer with BOLD & GOLD or your fifth like this year’s LIT, Emily Black, there’s a Level of Leadership that’s perfect for you.


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