Meeting Critical Needs and Surrounding Young People with Care | Annual Report

Last updated: June 6, 2024, at 9:26 a.m. PT

Originally published: June 6, 2024, at 9:26 a.m. PT

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In 2023, the Y Social Impact Center continued to surround 5,774 young people with care through a multitude of services. James* is one of the many young people whose life was transformed. Before coming to our Arcadia emergency shelter in Auburn, James was sleeping in his car without a reliable source of food or shelter. He began to show up to Arcadia daily for resources, utilizing the emergency shelter as a place to stay for the night, connecting with the staff for employment services, and securing a hot meal. While there, James learned about the Rapid Rehousing Program, and our shelter staff referred him for support in accessing permanent, independent housing.

In just one week, with the help of Rapid Rehousing, James was approved for his first apartment. Since moving in, he has been able to obtain stable employment and pay rent consistently and on time, something not easy for a young adult who has never rented before. With a permanent roof over his head and the ongoing support of the shelter staff, who provide resources and community connections, James is working towards his flaggers certificate. He would eventually like to go into construction.

“It’s been a privilege to work with James,” shared Y staff, “he only needed a boost to really thrive and start achieving his goals.”

Last year, 1,291 young people were served through the Y’s housing and homelessness services including employment and training services, emergency shelters, transitional living programs, and permanent supportive housing. Of those housing participants, 71% obtained stable housing.

Our commitment to serving young people led us to partner with Heritage University to start a free Masters in Mental Health Counseling program in 2023.

*Name changed for privacy


  • 3,891 individuals received Behavioral Health Services including 24/7 crisis outreach, counseling, psychiatry, and violence prevention programs.
  • 590 young people were served through Foster Care programs such as licensing and placement, family and youth support, and transitions programming.
  • 946 young people received help with job training, life skills, and employment services.

The Y helped me pay off what I owed to my apartment, helped pay off medical bills, helped me make a nice resume, helped with the past domestic violence issues I had, and just gave like a lot of support that I never had in my life. ~ Housing program participant