How to Celebrate National Bike Month

Last updated: April 30, 2024, at 7:54 a.m. PT

Originally published: May 3, 2021, at 3:08 p.m. PT

Graphic with small colorful bicycles in the background, and a blue gear in the center with the words National Bike Month in the center of the gear.

Did you know that May is National Bike Month? Established in 1956 and organized by the League of American Bicyclists, Bike Month helps to promote cycling in our communities through outdoor play, bike commuting, and physical fitness. Bicycling is environmentally friendly and good for building strong bodies!

So, how can you celebrate Bike Month and join in on the festivities? We're glad you asked!

Bike to Work Week

The crux of National Bike Month is the “Bike to Work” campaign. For 2024, Bike to Work Week is May 13 - 19, and Bike to Work Day is Friday, May 17.

According to the League of American Bicyclists, about 40% of all trips in the United States are less than two miles, making bicycling a feasible and fun way to get around. Is your commute less than two miles? With so many bike trails and shared roadways in the Pacific Northwest, bike commuting to work can be an easy way to save money on gas, lower carbon emissions, and get in some great cardio.

Are you working from home? Why not start your day with a two-mile bike ride in the morning? We think you’ll find that a ten-minute cycling session is a great way to wake up, clear your mind, and set you up for success in your busy work day.

Walk & Bike to School Day

For our younger cyclists, Bike to School Day is May 8, though the League of American Bicyclists encourages communities to promote walking and biking to school all month long and to celebrate on any day that best fits their schedule. Chances are good that your school is already organized for Bike to School Day, but if you’d like to take the lead on setting up an event, there’s a helpful Getting Started Guide which includes ideas like decorating your sidewalks to promote the event, conducting safety checks of your bicycles, helmets, and other gear, and taking bike rides together with family and friends.

According to a recent study, if everyone replaced just a single car trip each day with a bicycle trip, we could all reduce our carbon emissions from transportation by 67%! Take the Bike Month challenge, and see how many car trips you can replace with bike trips in an effort to build a healthier and cleaner world for everyone.

Spread the Word

Ready to roll? The League of American Bicyclists has created some great graphics to help everyone promote Bike Month and get the word out. You can find these graphics on their website. Don’t forget to show off your cycling skills on social media with #BikeDay and #BikeMonth!

For more information on Bike Month, to see a full list of events and activities, and to learn more about The League of American Bicyclists, head on over to!