Epic Adventures with Amazing Leaders

BOLD & GOLD adventures give youth the opportunity to explore the beauty of nature, face challenges, try new things, and most importantly be their own unique self. On a BOLD & GOLD trip you will find yourself exploring the wilderness through a variety of exciting and fun activities including backpacking, rock climbing, river rafting, mountaineering, art, yoga, back country cooking, music, and creative writing.

We are fortunate enough to explore some of the most beautiful locations in the Pacific Northwest. You may sleep beneath the stars in Mt. Rainier National Park, play capture the flag amongst the old growth forests of the North Cascades, or build sand castles on the Olympic Coast.

Regardless of what trip you sign up for, you will be led by one of our outstanding wilderness instructors. In addition to working for BOLD & GOLD, our instructors do everything from teach middle school math to climbing 1stascents on big mountains in Alaska.

21st Century Leadership Skills

While navigating the challenges of back country travel in the wilderness, our participants get to see what they are truly capable of. We help our youth become multicultural leaders by combining their own unique self and skills with our programs areas of focus:

  • Confidence- Our participants build confidence and self-worth by mastering skills, achieving goals, and creating positive relationships.
  • Courage- Developing and acting with courage to empower and create a sense of resiliency to overcome life’s challenges.
  • Community Awareness- Respect and creating an environment where all feel valued for their unique perspective and contribution.
  • Emotional Intelligence- To develop empathy, increase self-awareness, and create a stronger relationship with others
  • Wonder- Having fun, learning to marvel at nature, and feeling a sense of curiosity benefits us and those around us.

Deep Friendships and Diverse Groups

Who comes on a BOLD & GOLD trip? A single group can be a mosaic of amazing kids with diversity of viewpoints, backgrounds, and life experiences. Our admissions staff creates groups that are reflective of our greater community by combining kids from different backgrounds and ethnicities. We partner with families, organizations, and communities to help get minority populations that aren’t well represented in the outdoors in our program. We actively do this because we believe having diversity makes for better groups!

This intentional mix of participants creates opportunities for students from different backgrounds to experience shared, challenging outdoor activities while learning how to build team leadership skills as well as self-confidence and community-awareness. Working with others who are different from you stretches our participants learning, and inspires them to be a bridge builder in today’s multicultural world while making lifelong friendships!


Our program is committed to removing the barriers that prevent many from experiencing the outdoors. Last year two thirds of our participants received some sort of financial aid. We provide youth who would otherwise not have access to the outdoors these opportunities through our scholarship fund. If you are interested in changing young people’s lives, click here to find out more.